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Computer brands and types of computers, a how to guide about your business

By |Friday, 18 April, 2014|

Are you planning to buy computers for your business? Are you evaluating different computer brands? Are you confused about the different types of computers? Then you are in the right place; in this guide I […]

IT service provider, how to choose the right one

By |Saturday, 29 March, 2014|

An innovative information and technology (IT) team can help a business grow. Which are the criteria of picking the right team? How much of a technology spectrum should they cover? How can you make the […]

How to speed up computer (8 Ways to boost windows performance with absolutely no money)

By |Tuesday, 25 February, 2014|

Have you ever found yourself frustrated waiting for your PC to turn on or the internet browser to finally open the webpage? If you are like me and every other human being using a computer, […]

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